Brother 12:
A Cult Rock 

By GW Brazier and Belinda Peres
Inspired by the true story of the rise and fall of a mystic madman and his battle to save the world
Exploring universal themes of greed, corruption and follower culture, Brother 12 is a contemporary rock opera inspired by religious fanatic Edward A. Wilson and his transformation into one of Canada's most nefarious cult leaders. 
Fuelled by a dark groove setlist performed by the Harbingers of Doom, the story of Brother 12 is told through powerful vocal performances combined with innovative lighting and costuming elements. Erupting with the energy of a live rock concert, this twisted true-life tale highlights a dark chapter of Canadian history.
- Brother 12

Music by GW Brazier and Aras Bukauskas
Lyrics by GW Brazier

Directed by GW Brazier
Produced by Belinda Peres 
01. Message From The Masters 
Impoverished zealot Edward A. Wilson receives a message from a celestial brotherhood of eleven spirits warning him of the world's imminent destruction. Believing he has been chosen as their earthly conduit, Wilson assumes the name Brother 12. 
02. Join The Club (Salvation!)
Brother 12 begins to recruit followers, preaching of a doomsday and promising a sanctuary where the chosen will be spared from the impending apocalypse. Salvation! 
03. House Rules 
A colony is built and Brother 12 instructs that there are only three rules to follow: Submit! Comply! Obey! 
04. Super Sex 
What would a doomsday cult be without gratuitous sex? Proselytising the belief of a universal soul, Brother 12 proceeds to seduce his followers as they entwine in orgiastic bliss. 
05. A New Wave 
Follower Marie Zabelle discovers she is pregnant and the colony celebrates the coming arrival of an heir who will lead the next generation in the post-apocalyptic world. 
06. Not A Person But A Power 
Joyful celebration turns to narcissistic rage when Brother 12, infuriated by the colony's focus on a new leader, plans to eliminate the future threat to his power by terminating Marie's pregnancy. 
07. Cosmic Junkies 
Under the guise of establishing a divine connection with the Masters, Brother 12 sets his nefarious plan in motion by having Marie consume far too many narcotics. 
08. In Charge 
When his followers question whether his authority is truly divinely appointed, Brother 12 proclaims that spiritual leaders are governed by a different set of rules. 
09. Unworthy 
Awakening from her hallucinogenic trance, Marie discovers that she has indeed had a miscarriage, and believing she has been deemed unworthy, begins to go insane with guilt. With his plan now successfully executed, Brother 12 persuades Marie into believing her miscarriage was the fault of his followers' lack of faith. 
10. Madame Z 
Convinced of Brother 12's lie, Marie Zabelle transforms herself into Madame Z and begins dishing out sadistic retribution. 
11. Fools And Traitors 
Furious and disillusioned, the followers rebel by setting the colony ablaze as Brother 12 rages at their mutiny. As the fire quickly spreads, he and Madame Z flee the colony in terror. 
12. Message From The Masters - Redux
As the dust settles, the Masters explain their new and improved divine plan to the remaining followers. Who wants another chance at salvation?