Brother 12
A Cult Rock 

By GW Brazier and Belinda Peres
Inspired by the true story of the rise and fall of a mystic madman and his battle to save the world
​​​​​​​Exploring universal themes of greed, corruption and follower culture, Brother 12 is a contemporary rock opera inspired by religious fanatic Edward Arthur Wilson and his transformation into one of Canada's most nefarious cult leaders. 
Fuelled by a dark groove setlist performed by the Harbingers of Doom, the story of Brother 12 is told through powerful vocal performances combined with innovative lighting and costuming elements. Erupting with the energy of a live rock concert, this twisted true-life tale highlights a dark chapter of Canadian history.
Music by GW Brazier and Aras Bukauskas
Lyrics by GW Brazier

Directed by GW Brazier
Produced by Belinda Peres 

1. Prelude
2. Message From The Masters 
3. Join The Club (Salvation!)
4. Toll For Your Soul
5. House Rules 

6. Divinely Entwined
7. Super Sex 

8. A New Wave 
9. Not A Person But A Power 
10. Cosmic Junkies 
11. House Rules (reprise)
12. In Charge 

13. Unworthy 
14. Madame Z
15. Not A Person But A Power (reprise)

16. Fools And Traitors 
17. Message From The Masters (redux)